“In 16 years as Artistic Director at George Street Playhouse, developing many new plays and musicals, rarely have I ever had such a unanimous popular response! Gettin’ The Band Back Together thrilled all my audiences, from the Rutgers students to my senior matinees. Many audience members returned a second and third time to see the show, bringing friends and calling it the most fun I’ve had in the theatre in a long time! This is that rare thing – a new musical that is clearly a real crowd-pleaser!”

– David Saint
Artistic Director, George Street Playhouse

“We pride ourselves on representing great new musicals at Broadway Licensing, and Gettin’ The Band Back Together has everything we love about a new show – a big-time audience crowd-pleaser with a giant-sized heart. You owe it to your audiences to get a copy of the script and turn up these fantastic tunes and consider it for your theater.”

– Sean Cercone
Broadway Licensing

“We jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first theaters to license Gettin’ The Band Back Together. We saw the show and watched the audience have a blast, laughing, applauding and jumping to their feet. We thought this show will work perfectly in the regions. We can’t wait!”

– Michael Barnard
Artistic Director, Phoenix Theater

“Starring in Gettin’ The Band Back Together was one of the highlights of my career. It reminded me of my experience in the original company of Grease! Just like that show, Gettin’ The Band Back Together is a blast to perform, is super funny (and I’ve been a part of a lot of really funny stuff) and has catchy music that you won’t stop singing! And every character gets their moment to shine! It’s a huge crowd-pleaser that audiences and actors across the country will love.”

– Marilu Henner

“FUNNY, EXCITING, and oh, so entertaining!”

“FUNNY, EXCITING, and oh, so entertaining!”