Gettin’ the Band Back Together Reviews



“I love that feeling when you’re leaving the first preview of a completely new/original Broadway musical and you know IT'S A HIT ALREADY.”

– Jeff Price

“This is THE FUNNIEST SHOW ON BROADWAY and America better be ready!”

– Buddy Brian Maher

“AMAZING SHOW! My daughter and I couldn’t stop laughing! I had tears almost the entire time! We are still laughing today!”

– Lisa Rebak


“I legitimately haven’t laughed that hard during a Broadway show since Book of Mormon…and I’ve seen a lot of shows. Thanks for helping me escape from the outside world for a few hours and helping me end the day on a high note.”

– @Jessmat25

“DON'T MISS IT! I was hooked halfway through the first song. Great cast, wonderful music, LOL funny! A rare thing nowadays: An original musical with original music!”

– @SHP_DNeglia

“What a perfect #Broadway surprise! Amazing cast, wonderful music, UPROARIOUSLY FUNNY!”

– @RiggsNTwigs


“I laughed so hard, and it was a fun, heart-warming, feel-good musical, and a completely original show on Broadway, which is a rarity!! I DEFINITELY want to go back to see it again! Everyone should go see it!!”

– @RubenBeaut

“The show was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. We loved it! A surprise hit! We are definitely coming back for another round and bringing a lot of friends!”

– @ParodyBill

“I LAUGHED SO HARD! I’ve never felt such power on stage and in the audience in any show I’ve ever seen. I’m still shaking because of how good it was!!!”

– @Dude_Its_Ari

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